Bootstrap 5 Alpha is out - new features and highlights


Bootstrap 5 Alpha is out - new features and highlights Tutorial by Mirko Zovko | 06. Jul. 2020.

Bootstrap 5 alpha with new features is finally here.

As a web developer you must have heard of Bootstrap. It’s the most popular front-end framework used for creating mobile-first responsive websites and after a long time Bootstrap 5 Alpha is here, officially released on June 16. 2020. Bootstrap 5 alpha new features and highlights:

jQuery removed, vanilla js ON

jQuery removed, vanilla js ON

As I already mentioned in a few articles, jQuery is a feature-rich javascript library that gives you easy use of event handling, animations, ajax, user’s interaction and many other things. Bootstrap was using it from the beginning of its existence, more than 8 years. But over the years it becomes very big and for most of the features you want to implement you really don’t need it. Because of that developers from bootstrap decided that the new version will no longer contain jQuery and that they are switching to vanilla js. If you are not used to writing vanilla code it’s time to start learning it. I’m writing a small series on how to create simple html elements like tabs, accordion, etc, in vanilla js so you can look at that on the codeorum tutorials.

Support drop for internet explorer

jQuery removed, vanilla js ON

Internet explorer as a web browser is no longer relevant with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and some less known browsers. It was a nightmare working on fixes for Internet explorer and there is no reason to do that any more. Dropping support for internet explorer Bootstrap developers can finally focus more on modern web pages without thinking will it break something on older browsers.

Responsive Font sizes

Unit resizing engine

Bootstrap 5 will now enable responsive font sizes by default and it will automatically resize fonts according to the size of the users viewport through RFS engine (responsive font sizes) . RFS is a unit resizing engine witch was initially developed to resize font sizes but now it's capable of rescaling everything, basically every value for any css property with units like maring, padding, border radius or even box-shadow.

New SVG icon library

Bootstrap 5 icons

As you know from before, bootstrap was using Glyphicons icons but for some reason the totally removed it in 4 version, so it’s very nice surprise that they bringing new icons back in Bootstrap 5. They are not Glyphicons icons but totally new custom icons specially and carefully created for bootstrap by Mark Otto, co-founder of Bootstrap.

Bootstrap 5 is bringing lots of changes. Those that I mention I considered the biggest one, but there is a lot more. We all of this we can expect that new Bootstrap will be also more optimized and faster, and easier to use. In some of the next articles I'll create some small examples of Bootstrap 5 usage, to show you new features from them. For more information about Bootstrap 5 visit their site.